We're Back!

We're Back!

The start of the 2021 NSSL season is finally here! Games will kick off on July 5th and we could not be more excited. Included in this e-mail is everything you need to know for this season (or at least we hope everything you need to know).

NSSL Handbook

Please make yourself familiar with the contents of the NSSL Handbook, this can be found on our website or by clicking the link here.


These have been posted for the month of July. Skill Centre divisions start a little later, we can expect those schedules in the next week or so. Games must start on time and teams are to clear the field area immediately following the game so the next game can begin on time. Team huddles and/or debriefs can be held in the parking lot our area outside the parameter of the field.


Team Managers Guide

This is an excellent source of information for; logging into your team page, updating your team page, printing game sheets and entering results. The team managers guide can be found on the NSSL website or by clicking the link here.



The deadline for submitting initial rosters was yesterday, June 28th. You can add to your roster up to July 31st. All players playing in the game must be on the printed roster. Please ensure no one is missing from your teams roster, they will not be permitted to play!

Payment of officials

Each team is responsible for half of the officials fees for the game. Please place payment in envelopes for each official at half along with your completed game sheet prior to the start of the game.


Sub Slips

Sub slips are required for all AA and AAA games, these can be found on the NSSL website or by clicking here.

Game sheets

Both teams are to place their completed game sheet at half along with officials payments. Please ensure players/team staff not in attendance have been crossed off the game sheet and that jersey numbers are correct. This is crucially important as it is how COVID-19 contact tracing is completed.


All game sheets/game results are to be entered into demosphere no later then 24 hours following a teams game, a completed game sheet included final score, players present at the game (include everyone on the bench even if they did not play) and any dicipline/cards. A clear image of the game sheets must be e-mailed to gamesheets@soccerns.ca within the 24 hour time frame. Reminder of the $50 fine for late submission of game sheets (6.9 in the NSSL handbook) - Both teams are responsible to submit this and ensure the information is entered into Demosphere correctly.



COVID-19 Protocols

The good news is we are able to play soccer this summer! Unfortunately we still have a number of COVID-19 protocols in place that need to be followed. These protocols will differ depending on the facility you are playing at, please reach out to the facility if your team has questions on this. Where the majority of games are within the metro region, I have included HRM’s protocols here: 


Contact Tracing - This will be done in two stages, for all game participants (players, coaches, team staff) this will be done via the game sheet. It is imperative that all players and team staff are listed on the game sheet for this reason.

Spectators - are permitted but are limited to 150 total spectators per game, this mean the home team is permitted 75 spectators and the away team is permitted 75 spectators. It is the teams responsibility to have someone at the gate (or spectator entrance) to count their teams spectators. On turf fields these numbers must be provided to the field monitor. Field monitors will be relaying this information back to the league. Any team who fails to provide their teams spectator number to the field monitor will lose the ability to have spectators present at the game. It is strongly recommended that a list of all spectators at the game is kept with the team for contact tracing purposes.


Field Access - Participants will have access to the playing field no sooner then 15 minutes prior to the start of their game. Participants must vacate the playing surface immediately following the conclusion of their match. Incoming teams will not be permitted to enter the field until the previous game’s participants have left the field. Spectators will have access to the fields no sooner then 5 minutes prior to the game.


Thanks to everyone in advance for working diligently to ensure these protocols are followed. It is these protocols that will keep us all safe and able to continue to play soccer this summer. If these are not followed there is a possibility we will lose the ability to play - and no one wants that.


Thanks and good luck to all.

Chris Lerette | League Manager | Nova Scotia Soccer League
210 Thomas Raddall Drive| Halifax, NS B3S 0J2
E: nssl@soccerns.ca