Skill Centre Operational Guide

What's Included in the SC Guide

What Is a Skill Centre Program?

The overarching purpose of the Canada Soccer Skill Centre model is to provide “access to high-quality programs where they can have fun with their friends, learn new skills and play the game in an appropriate format” (Canada Soccer Skill Centre Manual).

Skill Centre Goals

  1. To keep more young players involved in the game for longer by providing them with an enjoyable eperience with the game. 
  2. Produce clear traininge guidelines for clubs so that they can deliver the best possible environment for young players in their region.
  3. Produce better players across Canada by increasing opportunity and access to be better training and competition for more young players

Skill Centre Principles:

  • Training will be FUN
  • Accessible 
  • Meaningful Feedback
  • High Contact Time
  • Training Resembles the Game

Skill Centre

Skill Centre